Electronic combination lock Combipad, for lockers in shopping centres, educational institutions, public facilities

The Combipad electronic combination latch lock allows you to have different locking scenarios thanks to the various adjustable modes. Whether a PIN that is valid once or several times, the Combipad can be set according to your needs.

Installation and operation

The Combipad can be installed in steel and wooden doors. The installation is done with the help of the enclosed screws and the mounting frame. The mounting hole is 91.2mm x 59.2mm. By means of a master code, the Combipad can be configured. Private mode, multi-user mdous, automatic locking, the LED display and the length of the PIN can be set.
Further information and pictures can be found in the instructions in the download area.

Product Features:

  • RTC mode: Programmable opening times
  • Bolt mode: The lock closes automatically after 3 seconds
  • Latch mode: The lock only locks after code entry
  • Private mode: Entry of a fixed code
  • Hotel mode: Enter a new code when the lock is open
  • Adjustable code length: four- or six-digit code
  • Status display: LED status display of locking status
  • Fireproof stainless steel buttons with lasered numerals
  • Zamak casing
  • 60,000 locking cycles with enclosed battery
  • Signal and locking prevention when battery capacity is low
Detailed explanations can be found in the operating instructions.

Use of accessories

If the included batteries run out, you can purchase additional suitable batteries under Accessories.

Delivery content

  • 1x Electronic code lock B-Smart-Lock Combipad
  • 1x Zamak mounting frame
  • 4x Screws
  • 2x Lithium battery 3 V, CR123A
  • 1x Instruction manual

Frequently asked questions

What is the RTC-Funktion?
-The Real-Time Clock function measures fixed opening and closing times. This means that the lock always opens and closes at the same time every day. In between, closings and openings are possible in the configured mode.
Which batteries should be used?

-The use of high-quality brand batteries is absolutely essential for the lock to function correctly. The locking systems are approved ex works for the specified VARTA brand industrial batteries. The use of other batteries can lead to a reduced number of possible locking cycles. In addition, limited functionality and/or functional problems are likely. Experience shows that other batteries, even with the same specifications, have different performance characteristics. Therefore, BURG does not guarantee the (functionality) of the lock when using batteries other than those specified above.


technical specifications "CombiPad"
Battery: 2x CR123A
Battery life (locking cycles): approx. 60.000
DIN-Stop: left, right
Emergency power supply: yes
Lock fastening: Fixing frame
Locking movement: left, right
Material: Zamak (zinc-die casting)
Material thickness: < 19mm
Modes: Multiuser mode, Private-mode
Mounting hole (mm): 91,2 x 59,2
Possible number of codes: 999.999
RTC-Function: no, yes
Tear-off value: 1800 N